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Guest Comments

Dear Hanli and Danie,
Many thanks for the friendly atmosphere, the early delicious breakfast. The hospitality makes me want to stay here again. 25/08/15

Jorge Silva

Lekker gebly - ongelooflike uitsig – maklik om te kry. Baie dankie. 12/09/15

Nico en Tessa

We enjoyed our stay in your house very much - it is so pretty and the view is great, your breakfast is delicious and you are so nice and friendly .... so it made us feel like at home, an that feels very good :-). Thank you so much!

Alexandra and Richard

It was awesome spending time with you again – in theis great gift from God that you are sharing with all the rest of us. Thank you so much. Lihi Traot!

Claren and Nancy Mc Queen – Florida – USA

Nice, clean rooms and a stunning view! Enjoyed the stay.

Lindi van der Mescht - Knysna - 28 August 2014

Thank you so much for an amazing sty and the warm welcome, friendliness and attention to

Emma Jones - Knysna – 28 August 2014

Wonderful! Decadently comfortable beds, warm hoswpitality and beautiful views! Thank you.

Tanya Pactar - Knysna - 28 August 2014

Thank you for a wonderful experience! You have a very beautiful home and our stay was amazing! Such a unique setting with exquisite views.

Kerry and Colin King

Had a great time staying here! Just followed the B&B signs, did’nt expect to come to such a lovely place like this, with warm and open people. Thanks for the great time and wish you all the best!!

Anne Heerema - The Netherlands

Tranquil and lovely, we will definitely be back

Gary Jacobs - Durban